Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LOTS 'A News!

Hey family and friends! It has been a while. We have so much to share with you, although you probably know most of it, here are some highlights since we posted last.

Rocco came home from the Ventura, California Mission

Arrie Jo Boss was born October 21, 2009

Here she is today!

And.....Andrew came home from his deployment (scuba diving vacation) on Friday, April 9th and opened his mission call!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Andrew's Homecoming

Andrew came home tonight! He surprised us all!

Andrew was supposed to arrive home on Tuesday, October 28, however, as we were sitting down to eat dinner tonight with Jenni and Braden, the phone rang. It was Andrew. He asked if we could come out front to help carry in his gear. He arrived home last night. His friends picked him up at the airport and he spent the night with them so he could surprise us tonight while Jenni and Braden were here. What a surprise!! The only person who knew he was coming home early was Braden. Braden has known for three weeks.

Andrew had a great experience with the Air Force this summer. His flight was the only group that graduated with honors from Basic Training. He did a great job a tech school as well. He will now get ready to start school in January as he works with Utah Air National Guard. His goal is to become and Air Force pilot and then become a commercial pilot. It's great to have him home!! We missed him very much!!